Part of planning for the future is

having a healthy world to live in

We are committed to being a firm which has a positive impact on our world, promoting responsible business practices…


We have been giving independent financial advice for over 40 years and clearly, in this time, the world has changed a lot. We have evolved and believe it is important to continue to do so for future generations.

Our job is to help our clients plan for the future, and part of them having a bright future is having a healthy world to live in. At Smith & Pinching, we are committed to being a firm that has a positive impact on our world.

This is reflected in our company values and our mission statement:

We consistently strive to be the best we can be, expanding the reach of our strong, secure and sustainable company.

Our company values benefit our clients, staff, shareholders and the wider community in which we work. We achieve this by being the name our clients can trust for their financial planning and insurance needs.

  • Commitment

    We bring pride, belief and passion to the work we do every day
  • Excellence

    We do our best whilst always endeavouring to improve
  • Stewardship

    We care about our world and aim to have a positive impact through our work
  • Teamwork

    We encourage a culture of working together which is supportive to all
  • Integrity

    We take responsibility for our actions with our clients and each other
  • Service

    We earn our clients’ trust by focusing on their needs and putting them at the heart of everything we do

Download our:
ESG Policy Document

Find out how our investment approach helps clients build portfolios which help the environment, society and governance.

Ethical investing plays a big part at S&P.
We have been managing a range of Ethical Portfolios since 2009.

ESG has been at the heart of the Ethical Models since their inception. We have always looked at negative exclusions within funds (e.g. no investments in tobacco, armaments, animal testing etc.) as well as incorporating some positive ESG scoring, such as climate change (E), human rights (S), and equal rights (G). As ESG has evolved over the years, so has our process…

We keep our staff and clients up-to-date with the work of our ESG Committee by way of newsletters – previous copies can be accessed below: