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Growing and preserving wealth requires careful planning as you seek to navigate taxes, inflation and investment risk. Our team gives you the knowledge you need to meet your goals confidently and prudently…

An investment strategy that is suited to you, helping achieve your goals and aspirations.


Investments and savings are more accessible and widely available than ever. But this also means that there is an overwhelming amount of choice and multiple decisions to be made. How much should you keep in cash versus investments? How much risk do you need to take, and indeed, how much can you afford to lose if the market takes a downturn? Where should you invest your money, and how often should you review it?

Good investment planning does not only mean investing in the right fund, but building a strategy centred around what you want to achieve. When you place your goals and objectives at the forefront, your other decisions will become easier.

The values of investments can go down as well as up. It isn’t guaranteed, so you may get back less than invested.

We recently helped a professional couple who wanted to save for their young children’s university education.

When we held our first meeting they were quite disheartened, as with rises in the cost of living they couldn’t identify any room in their budget to get started. This was frustrating for them as maximising education was one of their core values.

Through the creation of a financial plan and the use of well structured investments, we were able to identify a monthly sum to invest that was more reasonable than they initially expected. With our financial coaching, we were able to identify a few key ‘money leaks’ within their current finances.

With just a few adjustments, they were able to start making a sustainable contribution to their university education fund.

Growing wealth requires careful planning. Below are some of the factors we consider:

  • Cash Management

    A healthy cash reserve means that you will be well placed to deal with financial emergencies as well as any short-term planned spending. But keeping large amounts of cash for the long term can mean that your returns are eroded by inflation. We can advise on the right amount of cash to hold as well as options for any surplus.
  • Risk and Reward

    All investments carry a degree of risk. The key is to understand the level of risk that you are able to take, bearing in mind your goals, the timescale of your investment, and how you feel about volatility. We can help you to balance risk and reward to come up with a portfolio that works for you.
  • Asset Allocation

    Asset allocation is a key part of investment management. It means selecting the right mix of equities, bonds, property, and cash, as well as considering the different sectors and world regions within each asset class. We can build a portfolio that offers diversification and growth potential, while matching your risk profile and objectives.
  • Fund Selection

    The investment universe is vast, and choosing the right fund or investment manager can be a significant undertaking. Costs, performance, asset allocation, fund structure, and volatility are some of the factors to consider. We carry out extensive research to make sure you hold the most suitable funds.
  • Tax Efficiency

    A simple way to improve your investment returns is to avoid paying unnecessary tax. We can advise on the most appropriate wrappers for your investments and how to make the most of your allowances, reliefs, and exemptions.
  • Financial Coaching

    Investment planning is a long-term process. A relationship with a financial adviser means that your plan can be adapted in line with your changing circumstances and world events. We can help you make sensible investment decisions and offer practical advice when things don’t go to plan.

People buy from people, and people like buying from people they like! Smith & Pinching have that special knack of employing very amiable people who are experts in their field and are a pleasure to deal with. After being a very happy customer for more than 30 years, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mike, Norfolk

Solutions for every need

We recognise that every investor has different values, needs and priorities. Our portfolios and bespoke solutions offer flexibility and choice to move you towards your goals.

  • Model Portfolio Ranges

    With 40 model portfolios available, we offer something for every investor. We manage four broad ranges: Whole of Market, Low Charge, Passive and a range of Ethical portfolios.
    Each range contains ten risk levels to ensure you are comfortable with your chosen strategy. Each model is vetted and rigorously tested, maximising your chance of success.
  • Bespoke Portfolios

    Every client is unique and sometimes a bespoke portfolio is required. Our team can “mix and match” the best from our model portfolios to craft something tailored to your needs.
    We take time to carefully check that your portfolio is properly diversified and monitor it regularly, keeping it on track and steering it on course when necessary.
  • Tax Mitigation

    Maximising investment returns is not just about asset selection, but also minimising needless taxes. Our advisers are here to help ensure your portfolio is efficiently structured.
    We draw upon a range of tax mitigation strategies. Always, your needs, goals and risk profile are kept at the forefront.
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