At S&P we believe in the importance of a sound, achievable financial plan to safeguard your financial future.  Pensions remain a critical part of planning for retirement.

There is a delicate balance between enjoying the wealth you accumulate now and putting funds aside to maintain your desired standard of living in later years.  We will help you achieve that balance using appropriate pension investments selected from the whole of the market.

It’s undeniable that pensions are complex.  Let us help you navigate the maze to ensure that the route you select is right for you.  Our pension experts will collect and evaluate information from all the options available to you, such as:

  • UK Personal Pension Plans including Workplace Pension Schemes
  • Defined Benefit Public Sector or Company Pension Schemes
  • Overseas Pension Schemes including QROPs and QNUPs
  • Self-Invested Pensions (SIPP and SSAS) that allow you to widen the range of investments held in your pension fund, including the potential to invest in commercial property

Our financial planners will help you understand the implications of the new pension flexibility rules that allow you to access pension savings once you reach the minimum retirement age (currently age 55).  We will show you the impact on your income in retirement of any early withdrawals you make and explain how withdrawals are taxed.  See our Access to Pensions page for more details.

Pension savings have their own tax treatment and careful planning can ensure that they remain tax efficient both whilst invested and on withdrawal.

“Retirement” means different things to different people.  We will look at all the viable options and products that are available to build a retirement plan tailored to your specific circumstances – and we will review it regularly to ensure that it is adjusted to meet any changes in your life.

The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you have invested.

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