Protecting our futures

Our job is to help our clients plan for the future, and part of having a bright future is having a healthy world to live in. At S&P we are committed to being a firm which has a positive impact on our world, promoting responsible business practices.


We are constantly developing and challenging the ways we work and do things with a focus on Stewardship, which is one of our core company values. These are just some of the things we have done in recent years to really make this an everyday part of our business:

  • We have an Environmental, Social and Governance committee which meets quarterly to review and challenge the way we work, promoting new ideas and implementing them efficiently in the business.
  • A drive to massively reduce our use of paper by using our secure online Portal with clients for emails, electronic signatures, valuations and reports. Where paper is used, it is made from sugar cane waste. 8 packets of this paper saves another tree from being cut down.
  • We have undergone assessments of our carbon footprint and are committed to both offsetting and reducing this. We have recently changed utility providers to those using energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind power. There are also plans being submitted for the installation of solar panels at our Head Office building.
  • Where possible we are changing company vehicles to electric cars, with 6 within the business to date, and have installed an electric charging point.