Financial planning with Personal Injury and Medical Negligence awards

We understand that advice to those who have received settlements for Personal Injury or Medical Negligence Claims involves so much more than just investing the proceeds.  The financial impact can be life-long and the financial advice needs to be the same. We are not only there for the beginning but we work with people for the duration, setting plans in motion and seeing them through.


Our team have a strong history of providing financial advice to recipients and trustees of legal settlements, and our Chartered Financial Planners and Investment Managers will ensure the award is invested with the individual’s needs at the heart of their decisions.

Our work with the individuals impacted, their families and representatives can be pre-settlement, post-settlement or both depending on the requirements of the case. Below are some of the ways we can assist:

Pre-settlement advice

  • Working with your legal team in order to help identify an appropriate financial award both in terms of the amount of settlement and method of payment e.g. lump sum or income
  • This will include a needs analysis dependent upon whether the case relates to physical or psychological injury as a result of an accident or negligence
  • Some injuries are permanent, while others are temporary and the impact varies significantly, in terms of the financial implications and timescales we consider
  • There could be the need for interim payments to cover loss of earnings. These can be available once Court proceedings have started and the overall chances of success are very good
  • We also advise on pension losses incurred if Pension contributions stop as a result, considering the impact this will have
  • Our team can act as Expert Witnesses and produce Expert Reports to the Court of Protection in support of applications

Post-settlement advice

  • Some of the claimants cannot to return to work. We can put together a strategy to manage the financial impact to ensure needs are met
  • This will involve complete cashflow analysis and welfare benefits assessment to support and prepare an annual expenditure budget
  • We advise those who employ a carer, as they may need to be provided with a Pension under Pension Regulations
  • Ultimately, there will be a Settlement to consider and we offer full advice around tax planning, appropriate product selection and full investment management to take the weight of these concerns from those involved

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