Personal Financial Planning

We can help you build a financial plan that is tailored for you and your family.

Wherever you are on life’s journey, it is important to ensure that your finances are on track. We will be there with you with independent advice to help you meet your objectives. We will build you a financial plan that is flexible and achievable, whatever life throws at you.


Our Six Step Process

Seeking financial advice can seem daunting, that is why we have a proven process that makes sure we get to truly know you and your needs. We work together as a team to make sure we create a carefully crafted financial plan that represents what is important to you and gives you strategies to achieve your life goals.

Financial Planning Timeline

Starting out 1

Everybody’s financial journey begins a little differently, but we are able to help steer you in the right direction. Whether it involves saving for a deposit, purchasing your first home or simply becoming more financially educated.

Protecting your family 2

Life has a habit of throwing curveballs our way. We help make sure all of our clients are properly protected so that financial hardship is not one of them.

Building your wealth 3

We help our clients create their own financial plans that concentrate on the life goals they want to achieve. To help achieve these ambitions we make sure you are saving enough, have invested where appropriate and are not paying unnecessary tax. With our hand on the rudder you can concentrate on enjoying life.

Retirement planning 4

We specialise in helping to give our clients the confidence that their desired lifestyle is within reach. Whether you would like to stop work completely, sell your business or begin a new career altogether, we can help analyse your position and help you plan the right path forward.

Estate planning 5

We work hard to provide our families with a greater chance of success in their lives. We can help make sure your wealth is distributed to your family in a manner that fits your needs, giving you financial security whilst safely reducing any tax burden.

Care fees planning 6

As we are living longer lives, there comes an increased chance of requiring a level of care when we get older. Care can be expensive, however with a proper plan in place we can give you and your family the peace of mind that you have all angles covered.

Investment Management

At Smith & Pinching we have an experienced investment team that works alongside your financial planner to build an investment strategy that is suited to you and will aim to help you achieve your life goals and aspirations.

We have our own dedicated investment team who manage our clients’ portfolios. They monitor markets and trends, making changes where necessary, to provide healthy risk adjusted returns.

Our strategy is based on four main investment principals:

Risk Management


Active Management

Hard Work & Detailed Analysis