Corporate Financial Services

You know the direction of your business and where you want to get to. Building financial plans into this helps to make the most of your unique situation. We work with business owners every day to help them with this.

Whether it’s getting your hard-earned money out of the company in the most tax-efficient way, succession planning, or protecting your family and employees from the unexpected, we find that usually the sooner you plan, the better your options are.


Our Six Step Process

Seeking financial advice can seem daunting. That is why we have a proven process that makes sure we get to know you and your needs. We work together as a team to make sure we create a carefully crafted financial plan that represents what is important to you and gives you strategies to achieve your life goals.

Financial Planning Timeline

Protecting your business 1

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is about taking a glass half full view on life. It is however important to makes sure your business and family is protected should life throw you a curve ball. A proper protection strategy can ensure the longevity of your business and your families financial security.

Pensions, Pensions, Pensions! 2

Auto-enrollment has pushed the subject of pensions to the forefront of every business owners mind. We can take this time consuming task off your to-do list and make sure you and your employees are properly set up, and meeting all the necessary requirements.

Growing your business 3

Our financial planners work hand in hand with you and your professional partners (accountants, solicitors..) to help you grow your business. On hand to discuss ideas, stress test strategies and make sure you are making full use of the toolbox of financial products available to you.

Succession planning 4

A well formulated succession plan can ensure that your business continues after you are gone, and that you are properly rewarded for the work you put in to building it. We can help you find a strategy that suits your business and your life goals.

Selling your business 5

Selling your business can be a very exciting, albeit stressful time. We are on hand to make sure you have a well thought out financial plan in place that gives you the peace of mind that you will be financially secure once you and your business part ways.

Life coaching 6

You will pour thousands of hours into growing and running your business over your lifetime. Handing over responsibility to someone else and beginning a new chapter can feel overwhelming. We can help you feel more confident in your future.

Investment Management

At Smith & Pinching we have an experienced investment team that works alongside your financial planner to build an investment strategy that is suited to you and will aim to help you achieve your life goals and aspirations.

We have our own dedicated investment team who manage our clients’ portfolios. They monitor markets and trends, making changes where necessary, to provide healthy risk adjusted returns.

Our strategy is based on four main investment principals:

Risk Management


Active Management

Hard Work & Detailed Analysis