School pupils learn about money

A group of teenage school pupils spent the day in the Smith & Pinching offices in Aylsham Road, Norwich to learn about handling money and to explore career opportunities in financial services.

The students, aged between 15 and 18, were given an introduction to the world of finance with sessions about being streetwise with money and how to budget. The Smith & Pinching team used videos, games and quizzes to engage the students and to make them think about how to be safe with their money and to make them think about matching the money in their pockets with what they spend.

They were also given an insight into a day in the life of a financial adviser by Smith & Pinching’s Hazel Bowen and shown pathways to careers in the profession.

Hazel believes in the importance of financial education for students. “Financial education is essential for everyone and we are passionate about getting young adults off to a good start with their finances”, she said.  “Our event provided the students with a combination of practical tips on budgeting and managing their money along with an understanding of the financial planning profession as a potential career, through delivery of the Personal Finance Society Discover Fortunes programme as part of the day’s activities.  We received great feedback from the students and teachers and are looking forward to working with other schools in the region to improve the knowledge of young people as they prepare to embark on further education or entering the workplace.”

Other members of the S&P Group Financial Education team included Lewis Easter, Diane Fish, Matt Keay and Julie Bee.