In these uncertain times we’re here to help

In these self-isolating and uncertain times, where the thought of even leaving the house is now a serious consideration, people will often turn to their Financial Adviser to discuss what is best to do with their money. People want to know whether there is any action they can take to make the situation better: to protect their investments from further falls, alter their portfolio in some way to benefit from a market recovery in future or even consider moving everything to Cash.

Receiving high quality ongoing advice from a Chartered Financial Planning firm is a vital element of investing, to ensure you invest in full knowledge of the pros and cons, considering the amount you can afford to put at risk, while taking into account your own personal situation rather than just using a “one size fits all” approach and hoping for the best.

Clients of S&P also benefit from our Discretionary Investment Management capability – a service we have been offering since 1992. As we have a well-resourced Investment Team at S&P, we don’t have to outsource to a third party and wait on their decisions or pass on their additional charges to our clients.

While we are always still on hand to talk with our clients between reviews to support them with their financial decisions and help them to understand current market conditions when necessary, Discretionary Investment Management allows us to fully manage their investment portfolio within the agreed parameters, without them having to sign things or send paperwork back and forth each time a change is needed. This allows us to make decisions in a timely manner, keeping our clients invested as we see fit at all times.

While this is not a guarantee of immunity from rocky markets, as even the most cautious investments inherently carry a degree of risk, it does mean our clients can be assured that we are keeping things under review for them, making changes as appropriate. At times when our clients are not available for any reason, our service still carries on.

In recent weeks with the uncertainty in markets, we have been communicating regularly at both a company and individual level as required, to ensure our clients understand our views and what is going on. Most clients have seen this as a time to sit tight and wait for markets to recover, rather than making rushed decisions over what to do, where some have taken this as an opportunity to invest either for the first time or to add to their investments when things are cheaper.

Whatever your situation, we can review existing portfolios and look after these moving forward where appropriate, or invest new money for those looking at this as an opportunity, so please feel free to get in touch for an initial discussion with one of our Financial Advisers or Investment Managers and we will be happy to help.