First Time Buyers

Buying your first home can be a daunting prospect. Our mortgage team understands that you need to be hand-held through the process. We strongly advise that you talk to a mortgage adviser before you start your property search to work out what you can afford.

The mortgage process typically consists of 8 stages:

  1. Working out what you can afford: analysing your income and expenditure, looking at your needs and preferences, establishing what deposit you can pay.
  2. Agreement in Principle: if suitable, this will speed up the process of getting your mortgage once you’ve found the property you want.
  3. Finding and choosing your new home: making an offer and agreeing a price
  4. Formal application for your mortgage: your adviser will help you complete the necessary application forms.
  5. Valuation and Survey: normally required for any mortgage offer
  6. Solicitor searches and checks: essential for your mortgage – and your peace of mind
  7. Contracts drawn up and exchanged: time to pay a deposit to the seller
  8. Completion: payment by the mortgage company to the seller.

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