Specialist Mortgage Advice

There will be times when a standard mortgage arrangement isn’t what you need. Our mortgage team has the expertise and experience to handle a range of problems and scenarios. These might include:

  • Repayment problems: if you are having problems meeting your mortgage repayments, please do something about it sooner rather than later. There are lots of things that can be done to help you through a bad patch: your mortgage company would much rather work with you than see you fall into serious arrears and have to repossess your home.
  • Adverse credit record: if your credit record doesn’t allow you to get a mainstream mortgage, we will look at a number of alternatives. However, we must warn that a solution cannot always be found.
  • Specialist lending requirements: we have access to lenders across the market including private banks and so are able to consider special scenarios such as self-builds and properties of non-standard construction.
  • Mortgages involved in divorce or separation negotiations: we will advise one or both parties to a divorce or separation on the mortgage status of the family home and on the mortgage capability of each partner. This can be arranged through the family lawyers involved or directly with the couple.
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