Investment Management

Our Investment Managers are part of the S&P family, directly accountable to the Board and to you, so our commitment to delivering the best possible performance is ensured. 

Why choose S&P Investment Management?

Unlike many firms, we don’t outsource our Investment Management to city firms at arm’s length from you and your adviser.  The S&P Investment Management service is tailored to fit your specific circumstances, depending on the level of involvement you require in the selection of suitable investment assets.

  • Our Investment Managers are fund and market specialists who spend their time watching shifts in market indicators and assessing trends, ready to adjust your portfolio at a moment’s notice.
  • Their sole focus is the optimisation of your investment portfolios:  they don’t provide fund management for anyone else and they don’t have any other role within the firm. 
  • They work alongside your financial planner, sharing your best interests as their common goal. 
  • Our Investment Management client base extends across a wide spectrum encompassing private individuals of all ages, both onshore and offshore, as well as charities and trusts. 
  • We will help you match the right proposition to your assets and your goals.  It’s not a case of “one size fits all”:  we will tailor your investment management solution to ensure it is both affordable and productive.

S&P Managed Portfolios

If you opt for a managed portfolio, our Investment Managers will buy and sell assets without consulting you, to maximise all opportunities for growth.  Managed portfolios have historically performed well in both rising and falling markets, participating in market rallies but offering some degree of protection when markets fall.

S&P Model Portfolios are collective investments, with a range of standard managed portfolios matched to specific risk profiles and delivering specific outcomes such as capital growth, income or a combination of both.  The investment elements for each portfolio are selected by the investment manager and reviewed at least monthly to optimise performance.   They provide an ideal low cost, entry level managed solution, particularly for small to medium sized portfolios where the client is happy to leave all the investment decisions to the investment manager. 

Our Model Portfolios are assessed and reviewed by two independent global investment groups on a six monthly basis.  Their resultant reports aim to inform, validate and advance our approach and decision making around asset allocation, providing us with analysis of risk/reward and extrapolating the impact of scenario criteria.

S&P Discretionary Portfolios offer a more customised managed portfolio solution for the investor.  They follow similar lines to Model Portfolios in aligning a combination of collective investments, individual equities and alternative assets.  The make-up and content of the portfolio would be based on a number of factors such as taxation, objectives and timescales.  Once the client’s preferences have been established, the Investment Manager will make changes to the portfolio elements as needed within the agreed parameters, without further consultation with the client.

What you can expect from us

We understand that you need to know what is happening with your investment portfolio.  All of our Investment Management solutions include a secure online access facility for you to log into our systems to view the current information.  In addition, we provide:

  • Quarterly Investment Outlook Briefing
  • Quarterly Valuations
  • Detailed Annual Report including a Tax Pack

The Investment Management team are also happy to answer any queries you have about changes to the portfolios as often as required.

The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you have invested.

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