Group Life, Income Protection & Healthcare

Life cover for your staff members is a valuable benefit and one that is generally highly regarded. Cover can be arranged on a bespoke basis allowing you access to the best possible terms.

Group Life Cover is usually set up to pay out a multiple of your staff member’s annual wage or salary – most commonly three or four times their pay. If required, you can limit cover to certain members of staff determined by factors such as their age, length of service or position within the business. Plans can include access to additional services such as counselling, if required.

Other protection plans such as Group Income Protection and Group Healthcare can also be arranged in conjunction with Group Life Cover.

We will also ensure that Directors’ Pension and Benefit Strategies take account of any Group Life or Pension Death Benefits that might trigger later Lifetime Allowance or Inheritance Tax charges.

Our S&P business financial planners will advise you on the terms of your group protection schemes and will obtain the relevant quotations from the life companies.

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